Welcome to Thai Grocer

Modern Thai cuisine was born as a result of the period of modernisation during the early Chakri dynasty. Strong relations with many nations were established by the first kings to increase trading opportunities, which left the country open to an abundance of culinary influences.

Geographically, Thailand lies in between two culinary giants: China and India. Many elements of both cuisines can be seen incorporated into Thai cooking, such as the use of spices from India. From China, many ingredients were imported, for example, tofu, noodles, and various seasonings. The fusion of these foods created a whole new palate of flavours, which form the basis of the gastronomic delights of Thailand enjoyed worldwide today.

At Thai Grocer, we are proud to create exceptional food that is carefully prepared and beautifully presented. Here you will experience joy in a serene yet contemporary environment where the most exciting Thai food will be served.

We are also available for take away.

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